Hello, lovely mama! I’m Dr Jo

I'm a dentist, Wildfit certified coach, health and happiness consultant, writer and edutainer. And I’ve been a patient, just like you.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? I was there, too. 

After I had my daughter Nía, I felt so blah and unlike myself that even the huge rush of baby-mommy love and the kindness of my family couldn’t make it better. I’ve felt the fatigue. The frustration. The never-ending heaviness of feeling stuck. Yuck! It’s time for it to end.

Maybe your baby is 18 months old already and you’re still wearing the freaking pregnancy clothes (I know I was).

Maybe you’re consumed with your bigger kids, family, and career, and every mealtime feels like is an exhausting battle between feeding them something healthy and serving them something quick and easy that they will actually eat. 

Maybe you’re burnt out but been told you’re fine and it’s just what happens when you become a mom. It might all get better when the kids leave for college. So what if your option is potentially feeling like crap for ten to fifteen years. No way! 

I can help you turn it all around, for good. Yeees!

What To Do, Then?

Frustrated confused

Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to be that hard. It doesn’t even need to take long. 

How do I know this? Not because I am a doctor, but because I was right there where you are now: juggling a baby, a household, a full-time job, a relationship and my own dreams… exhausted, irritable, bloated, overweight, frustrated, and confused about where to turn or what to try next.

 Until I found the way out.  

Cue WildFit!

Celebrate godsend

I was lucky enough to learn the one system that turned my health around. It's been two years and I haven't looked back. Inches lost, less pounds, better sleep, revived mojo, minimal anxiety. Best of all, in 90 days I got back the feeling that I was not only mommy, but a woman again. Halleluja!

I know WildFit can change your life like it did mine. It's the last diet you'll ever need. My Health Coaching combines a gentle, body loving approach based in real food nutrition with mind hacks to release old patterns and shames. Add my brand of magic and my delicious, easy and fun recipes for truly healthy food: You'll never go back!

Bless that mommy tummy and send it on its way

Ready to bring healthy back? I’m here to show you how!

I'm Ready!

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